Who we are

Wilnick Boerdery farms with potatoes, sweetcorn, cattle, game and other vegetables near Tolwe in Limpopo. One of the latest innovations is a pomegranate orchard that will start producing soon. The enterprise includes a game breeding programme and offers exclusive bow hunting experiences. Further diversification is a 32-ton 440 horsepower self-propelled Bandit Beast wood chipper machine that chops woody invaders and is also used for composting.

The farms consist of natural grazing and irrigated lands. The soil types are sandy loam to loam and the veld type is sweet savannah.

Wilnick Boerdery’s vision is to play a leading role in sustainable agricultural production. This entails the conservation of natural resources, the correct handling of challenges, taking considered risks and respecting all people’s dignity.

This success of this farming enterprise is the result of trained and focused staff who do the ordinary extraordinarily well, and of course a good deal of faith and grace.