What makes us different

  1. Quality you can trust
    The emphasis on the quality of produce is illustrated by a guarantee of satisfaction to clients and a direct line of communication with the farm.

  2. Leading role in sustainable agricultural production
    Sustainable agricultural production is ensured by the conservation of natural resources, such as eradicating woody invaders, as well as a holistic approach to soil improvement with the use of compost. Fertilisation is done strictly according to recommendations to ensure that the soil is not depleted of nutrients. All of these contribute to the high quality of the produce.
  3. Family business with integrity
    The family farming enterprise is regarded as a business and managed as such. The executive director, Nico Wagner, is involved in every aspect of the farm and stays informed of the latest developments in the agricultural industry. He believes steadfastly in sustainable agricultural production and therefore tends towards a more organic approach.
  4. Progressive with client-driven innovation
    The farm is client-driven with continuous innovation to meet clients’ changing needs.
  5. Passion for community upliftment
    Wilnick has a passion for community upliftment and the well-being of workers is high on the agenda. The farm also mentors emerging farmers.