The main produce on the farm is potatoes. The farm is a market leader in the potato industry with consistent top quality potatoes. The clients’ needs are met with regards to guaranteed quality and sustained availability. Wilnick specialises in the potato cultivar Mondial which is produced from July to December under irrigation.

All plantings are carefully planned and backed by soil analysis, soil preparation and soil moisture monitoring. Leaf analysis are done regularly. Specialist recommendations are followed and special fertiliser, client mixtures and soil improvement agents are used. Organic fertiliser forms an integral part of the total fertilisation programme and the use of micro and macro elements are of cardinal importance. Original products from Syngenta (PotatoPack) and Bayer are mainly used to control pests and diseases.

A system of crop rotation is followed using sweetcorn and feed sorghum. The sweetcorn is sent to the market and the feed sorghum is used as feed bank for the cattle as well as a cover crop to protect the soil. The aim is to farm in harmony with nature.

The potatoes are harvested manually to prevent mechanical damage. To ensure the best quality, harvesting is stopped when the outside temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius. In addition the potatoes are washed with cooled water.

The potatoes are packed on the farm, and part of the daily run to the fresh produce markets are done by Wilnick’s own trucks. The potatoes are distributed to all the northern markets as well as the Free State and KwaZulu-Natal. The farm also sells to a number of clients from Botswana and Mozambique who have been coming to the farm for many years.